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Fluvial access

Pedro Inlet
It is located between kilometer 276 and kilometer 274, on the left bank of the Paraná River and its water surface is of about 30,000 m2. It allows the anchoring of three ships waiting for loading and unloading. There is also an auxiliary inlet, which allows the anchoring of ships for the following operations: load-lightening and fuel supply. The access channel has 1,000 meters with 80 meters in length, and a maximum natural river depth of 30 feet that makes it one of the deepest ports of the Paraná River. Tugboats are not needed.

Channel of access to the Port of San Pedro: 
Ships can enter the port through a channel of 2,400 meters long by 60 meters wide.
Road access
The port of the city of San Pedro is connected with the center and North of the country, the Province of Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital by means of the national motorway “Ruta Nº9”. Road Nº 1001 is an external way of communication which makes the entry easier without needing to cross the city. Furthermore, San Pedro is connected with national road Nº 8 and so with all the central and western zones of the country by means of road 191.
Railway access
The Mitre railway station is located at 4 kilometers of the complex. It has no branch line connected to the port area.

18 de junio de 2024
2.6 m/s
Apparent: 14°C
Presión: 1009 mb
Humedad: 91%
Viento: 2.6 m/s N
Ráfagas: 8.4 m/s
Indice UV: 0
Salida del Sol: 08:02
Puesta de Sol: 17:57

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