Management Consortium of the Port of San Pedro

24 de mayo de 2011| General Information
Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de San Pedro (Management Consortium of the Port of San Pedro)

THE CONSORCIO DE GESTIÓN DEL PUERTO DE SAN PEDRO is a non-state entity governed by public law, created by Decree number 5/05 of the Provincial Executive Power, dated January 3th 2005.The Consortium is governed by its own statute and has legal, financial, countable and administrative individuality. It has full legal capacity to perform all legal acts and to enter into all the necessary contracts for the fulfillment of its subject matter and duties.

It is subject to legal norms of national or provincial Public Law, as regards the duties related to public interest. The provisions of Private Law apply to all the remaining duties. The Consortium operates in the land port area and the adjoining acuatic areas, limits that were determined in the transfer from the National State to the Provincial State and from the latest to the Management Consortium. This port area is a provincial public property.

Subject matter and duties
The Consortium main duties can be summed up hereinbelow:
– To manage and exploit the PORT OF SAN PEDRO, by giving the concessions, leases, permissions or in rem rights of antichresis for commercial, industrial or recreational exploitation of the port terminals, the existing quays or the ones that may be built.  
– To manage and render services on its own or by means of third parties to ships or naval devices and loads in the CONSORTIUM’s quays. 
– To elaborate a port regulatory plan project and plan its future development.  
– To authorize the construction of commercial, industrial or recreational port terminals.
– To plan, run and carry out on its own or by means of third parties the dredging, buoyage in the access Channel and its docks.
– To enter into contracts with Argentinian or foreign public or private entities for the fulfillment of its subject matter and duties.
– To coordinate the different services rendered by official departments and private individuals to navigation, ships and loads.
– To collaborate in the application of agreements that cover police or international safety regulations.
– To draw up and approve the bid terms and conditions for concessions, leases, etc., of the port terminals and/or port services.
– To award and terminate concessions, leases and use permissions of port terminals.
– To set and modify the tariffs, taxes and fines or pecuniary penalties.
– To approve the Annual Budget, Annual Report, Inventory, Accounts, Investments Plans and so on.
– To appoint, promote, and dismiss the CONSORTIUM staff.
– To contract consultancy service, expert advice, and technical or scientific studies.  

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