The Port of San Pedro

23 de mayo de 2011| General Information
According to the requirements imposed by international commerce, we can say that there are a few countries that have no ports acting as link with the rest of the world. The ports are  “doors” that connect a certain country with other countries in order to maintain business relations and make possible the people passage. With regard to Argentina and concerning its geographical location, the role of ports is outstanding if we also consider natural condition of land and industry production. The geographical location of San Pedro offers some important aspects as regards economy and geography: it is on the North of the Province of Buenos Aires, in a very rich agricultural area; equidistant from the two biggest and more developed cities of the country; on the more important national and provincial land ways of communication; and on the bank of the Paraná River, with an easy arrival to the navigable channel.

All these conditions determined, more than 75 years ago, the decision of building a railway network and a port with elevators in order to be able to transport an important part of the regional cereal production and load it in ships with destination to other countries.  
From May 25th 1933 when the first loaded ship sailed, and until now, the port activity has been constant.  

The transport by sea, the ports and the waterways have become the main Argentinian variable to improve competitiveness, due to the fact that world consumption centers are very far. Therefore the efficiency is very important to guarantee country competitiveness to a large extent.
The port services quality has become an imperative within business. The competition among ports, either at national or international level, impose on them  the need of answering better to the demand of important customers in the transport and logistics markets.
During many years the ports of our country have performed tasks as closed and centralized institutions, but the growing requirements of business at worldwide level have led to a change in ports administrative and operative structures. Consequently ports could be able to develop and diversify. 
From 2005, date of creation of the “Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de San Pedro”, we work with the only scope of establishing the local Port as a highly competitive port with great quality, efficiency and professionalism.
We are following this path little by little, but we have already obtained advances and improvements.
The port of San Pedro has many natural advantages compared with other ports of the zone. These advantages will be increased with the improvement of technology and the enlargement of services.
Today we have turned the port of San Pedro into A RELIABLE PORT that is ENGAGED WITH FOOD EXPORT. We will continue working in this way so that every time more exporters choose us and we will try to satisfy all the users of our port.  

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