Port evolution in Consortium hands

18 de mayo de 2011| General Information
Port evolution in Consortium hands

Port evolution in Consortium hands

From 2005 until now many investments have been carried out in the Port of San Pedro and prospects are encouraging for the following months if we consider the commitments, agreements and bids established on the development of this space.
YEAR 2005:
In charge of the Province: 
-Reconditioning of the administration building    
-Reconditioning and patching of the head dock   
-Buoyage of breakwater Nº 1       
 In charge of the Consortium:
-Reconditioning of the administration building (Change of roof)
-Reconditioning and patching of the head dock
-Extension and refurbishment of the existent toilets               
-Reconditioning of the illumination system in the port area and access streets
-Acquisition of furniture, implements, tools, machinery, computers and intangible communication equipment (Accounting System)
-Parking for light vehicles
-Operative repairs (Patching)
-Purchase of container for offices of PNA and OPIP provided with kitchen and bathroom
-Installation of 5 upright stairs in both docks
-Installation of the man overboard alarm system
-Safety signs in breakwater Nº 1 and repair/painting of mooring bitts.
-Repair of anti-stepping wire fencing in restricted area
-Heating and air-conditioning for the offices of PNA
-Sheds 1 and 2 – Repair of roofs, floors and internal painting
YEAR 2006 
In charge of the Consortium:
– Operative Repairs (Patching)
– Maintenance of waterways (Dredging)
– Head Dock, overseas dock and front of the overseas dock 9000 m3 (For the same value 12000 mt3 were refuted)
– Installation of the PNA and OPIP offices
– Shed for port staff
– Purchase and laying of 4 defenses in head dock
– Painting, wire netting and repair of sheds 1 and 2
– Repair of entry gates
YEAR 2007
In charge of the Province:

-Rebuilding of  pavement of breakwater Nº 1 (Bid opening – Nov 17th, 2005)
-Docks dredging, manoeuvres zone and access channel (320,000 m3)
-Provision and installation of buoys in the access channel.    
In charge of the Consortium:
Installation of closed circuit TV
-Geotechnical study
-Complementary dredging (50,000 m3)
-Purchase of 4 defenses for the overseas dock

YEAR 2008
In charge of the Consortium:
-Repair of articulated pavement in breakwater N° 1.
-Refurbishment, extension and conditioning of the operative area office – maintenance room
-Repair of sewage piping of the operative area office
-Conditioning of external bathrooms.
-Extension of the closed circuit TV.
-Setup of access control in gate N° 1.
-Purchase of 2 defenses for the quay of breakwater N° 1.
-Construction of parking in the administrative building.
-Repair of Nelson crane, property of the Consortium.
Future works
In charge of the Consortium
 -Coastal trade quay at breakwater N° 2
-Construction of a dock for the entry of container ships
-Construction of cameras’ control room
-Relocation of sanding facilities
-Construction of a room for the installation of power generating set and the corresponding control panel.
-Quality certification ISO               9001-2000         9001-2000.
In charge of the Province of Buenos AIres
-Installation of the fire protection system
-Alternative road to enter to the port, junction with Road 1001 (Project of the Provincial Road and Transport Department)
Future projects
-Rebuilt of quay in breakwater Nº 1
The works carried out by the C.G.P.S.P. except for the dredging, were performed by companies and staff of the city of San Pedro.

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