Meeting to draw up a plan for joint actions

10 de abril de 2011| News
Meeting to draw up a plan for joint actions

The “Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de San Pedro” called a meeting on March 31st  in the Business and Industry Center. There were present representatives of many sectors related to port activity. There were present: the Customs, the Argentine Coast Guard, the San Pedro stowage company, the shipping company “Sucesión Saliva”, port labor unions, Merchant Shipping, crane operators, tally clerks, stevedores and ships night watchmen, apart from PROBYT company in its capacity as Protection Organization, recognized by the Port of San Pedro. The purpose of this meeting was to interchange opinions before the beginning of the next seasonal fruit loading campaign in the local port and also to deal with some items related to the control and prevention of drug trafficking.

The port OPR by means of his president, Commandant Oscar Correa, reported on the world situation as regards drug trafficking to the participants. He explained the estimated volumes that were dealt in during 2010 and the routes used for that scope. He went into this topic in depth and talked about the present situation and the strategies planned for the following months.
They analyzed the prevention tools available in the port facilities, provided by the Management Consortium, the Argentine Coast Guard and the Customs. The cameras net, the security system and the controls to people, vehicles, ships and goods were underlined.

The participants were also informed that the port has doubly certified all the protection code preventive proceedings, as well as the standards ISO 9001:2008. About these proceedings in particular the Customs asked the Management Consortium for the possibility of controlling the water surface of the overseas dock, its coast and the starboard of ships moored in the cereal loading quay.
From these talks emerge the actions that will be carried out during this year, which will strengthen the port security against the abovementioned crime and the incorporation of new control elements as a continuous improvement action.

During this meeting there were present the following persons:
On behalf of Customs:
The Manager of the Customs of San Pedro, Mr. Gustavo del Río.
The Customs brokers Sergio Pujol, Walter Kissling and Sergio Graciano.
On behalf of the Argentine Coast Guard:
Commandant Norberto Posadas.
Noncommissioned Officer Adrián Rey.
On behalf of Port Labor Unions and FEPIMRRA:
Pablo Pan (For FEPIMRRA and SUPA)
Matías Franco (For Merchant Shipping)
Darío Chichizola (For Crane Operators)
José Corado (For Ships Night Watchmen)
Diego Balcaza (Tally Clerks)
On behalf of the Port Management Consortium:
Mariano Veiga (President)
Dante Ambrogi (OPIP)
Attorney María Victoria Vitale (Legal Assistant Manager)
Carlos Arrieta (Operative Assistant Manager)
On behalf of the San Pedro Stowage Company and
the Shipping Company “Sucesión Saliva”
Roberto Crugnale
Fernando Naso

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